CWF 9001 Suspended – Healthcare – Privacy Curtain Track System – 15kg


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Elevate your space with the CWF 9001 Suspended Track – a stylish room division solution offering innovative design-centric spaces. This healthcare-approved track seamlessly transforms beauty treatment rooms and enhances retail changing areas. With its dust-resistant PVC cover, versatile wall or ceiling mount, and elegant alternative to cubicles, this track provides a visually appealing and functional separation. Choose from French Gray, White, or Black options for a sophisticated finish. Upgrade your project with this modern, versatile, and elegant room-dividing innovation.

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Revolutionize Design with the 9001 Suspended Track:
Ideal for Healthcare and Retail Spaces

Elegant alternative for cubicles, room dividers, and privacy tracks.

CWF 9001 Suspended Track:
Elegant, Dust-resistant features, and flexible mounting choices.

Innovative Room Division Curtain Track

Get creative in your room division with design-centric spaces with the CWF 9001 Suspended Track. This sleek and versatile solution redefines the aesthetic and functionality of healthcare, beauty treatment rooms, and retail changing spaces. Its elegant alternative to standard cubicle tracks offers a dust-resistant PVC cover strip and color-coordinated end brackets for a seamless, sophisticated finish. Whether mounted on the wall or ceiling, the 9001 Suspended Track effortlessly combines style and practicality. Upgrade your project with this modern, room-dividing innovation, providing a visually appealing and functional separation in any design-led environment.

Stylish room division. Three colors Available.

Elevate Every Room

Immerse your spaces in modern sophistication by choosing our room division solution, skillfully designed to enhance aesthetics. Available in three trendy colors, this elegant system seamlessly blends functionality with style, ensuring a seamless integration into your design vision. 

9001 Suspended Curtain Track Pole

Modern and functional design

Style: Silver, Black & White

Stylish room division, 3 colors available

Functional Aesthetics

Dust-resistant PVC cover and color-coordinated brackets

Design-Centric Elegance

Elevate spaces with sleek, versatile room division innovation

Wall or Ceiling Mount

Effortlessly combines style and practicality

Seamless Sophistication

9001 Suspended Track offers a stylish alternative for healthcare and retail

Innovative Upgrade

Upgrade your project with a visually appealing and functional room division

Sophisticated Finish

Create Your Space with the Elegance you Envisioned

Discover a new level of refinement with our innovative room division solution, the 9001 Suspended Track. Create new spaces with a touch of sophistication as this sleek and versatile curtain track redefines the aesthetics and functionality of room separation. 

Endless Possibilites

The 9001 Suspended Track is more than a mere divider; it’s a statement piece that seamlessly integrates into healthcare projects, beauty treatment rooms, and retail changing spaces.


You have questions, We have Answers.

The track offers a sleek and versatile design, redefining both aesthetics and functionality for spaces like healthcare, beauty treatment rooms, and retail changing areas.

It provides an elegant alternative with a dust-resistant PVC cover strip and color-coordinated end brackets, offering a seamless and sophisticated finish.

Yes, the track is designed for versatile installation, allowing it to be effortlessly mounted on either the wall or ceiling based on your project requirements.

The track offers a choice of color-coordinated options, providing flexibility to match or complement the existing design palette

It combines style with practicality, featuring a dust-resistant PVC cover and versatile mounting options to meet the functional needs of various design-led environments.

The innovative design of the 9001 Pole Track ensures effortless curtain movement, aided by a variety of compatible gliders, including roller gliders, providing a seamless and friction-free experience.

It serves as a modern, room-dividing innovation, seamlessly combining style and functionality to elevate any design-centric space.

List of Compatible Accessories

Complete Your Setup: Compatible Accessories for CWF Deco 1020 Curtain Rail







Healthcare, Retail

Control :

Hand drawn


R. 47 cm

Track width:

6.0 mm

Bend options:


Ceiling mount :


Wall mount:



Aluminium alloy 6060/T6






600 cm


Maximum 4 kg

Ext. dimensions:

Ø28 mm

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