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CWF Recessed Collection

We are thrilled to announce the launch of CWF’s new Recessed Collection. The recess tracks are designed to fit into a hollowed-out channel cut into the ceiling where they are not visible, giving the environment a minimalistic look.


Hand Drawn Curtain Track Recessed System


Motorized Curtain Track Recessed System

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Home Smart Full Automatization Curtain Track Recessed System

The Recessed Curtain Track System You Need

High Stealth and Minimalistic with full Automatization Options

CWF 1500 - Hand Drawn Recessed Curtain Track System

CWF 1500 is a built-in rail to fit into the ceiling process and is a fully hand-drawn system. Gives a modern and extravagant look with floor-to-ceiling fabric! The CWF 1500 can also be bent and is delivered in lengths of 6 meters. Because this curtain track can be bent, you can design it to suit your needs exactly.

CWF 4140 - Motorized Recessed Curtain Track System

CWF 4140 is a motorized roller blinds system. The roller blind is easy to install and remove since the aluminum headbox (where the roller blind sits) is openable from the bottom. When the roller blind is wound, it fits completely in its box and is flush with the ceiling for the best aesthetic appearance. With different Fabric options like Filtering, Dim Out and Black-out.

CWF 541 - Motorized Recessed Curtain Track System

CWF 541 is a motorized draped curtain system for domestic and commercial use. It’s equipped with AutoStart which allows hand-drawn operating too. Curtain openings can be central, lateral, or asymmetric with a sliding speed of the curtain is 12 cm/sec. It’s also suitable for ceiling and wall installations.

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