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CWF 2005 Circal© – Sustainable 20kg.


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  • Slimline, elegant hand-drawn track for domestic or contract projects
  • 10 color options with coordinated fittings and covers
  • Made with a minimum of 75% reused aluminum for durability and sustainability.
  • Market leader in manual operated tracks
  • Easy to bend and customize
  • Best-selling track in Ireland
  • Bending machines available for sale
  • Training and step-by-step instructions provided

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Slimline & Sustainable Curtain Track System

Made with Renewable Resources and Low CO2 Footprint

Circle Sustainable Curtain Solutions

European EcoTracks

Sustainable Aluminum

Hydro CIRCAL with minimum of 75% of Post-Consumer Scrap

Certified Eco-friendly

Traceable & Low CO2 Footprint (DNV GL Certified)

Circular Economy Tracks

Green Energy Extrusion powered by Watermills in Europe

Best Selling track in Ireland.

Environmentally friendly throughout their entire life

The 2005 (4 mm) Curtain Track System is a slimline, compact and elegant hand drawn track perfect for either domestic or contract projects.

Available in 12 different colour options with colour coordinated nylon fittings and bracket covers, the 2005 Track System is a market leader in manual operated tracks.

The 2005 is easy to bend and is the Best Selling track in Ireland.

We sell bending machines

Contact us to inquire about our bending machines for sale as we provide training and easy Step- by-Step instructions that will enable you to bend the tracks by yourself.

Style Meets Functionality

French Bend

The French bend, characterized by its smooth, curved shape, allows the curtains to overlap completely when closed. This design feature eliminates the gaps that are commonly found with straight curtain tracks, ensuring a snug fit and effectively blocking out external light sources.

Versatile Color Options:
12 Choices Available!

 From subtle neutrals to bold hues, our range of shades and colors allows you to create the perfect atmosphere. 

Unleash Your Creativity: Colorful Options for Any Setting

Discover the Perfect Blend of Functionality and Aesthetics

2005: Curtain Tracks Redefined

Sustainable Design: Innovating for a Better Future

Cutting-edge design through sustainable innovation, respecting people and the environment.


You have questions, We have Answers.

The 2005 Curtain Track System is a popular track system used for hanging curtains. It is known for its slimline design and elegant hand-drawn operation.

The 2005 Track System is designed to be easy to bend. This flexibility allows for customized installations and fitting the track to different window shapes and sizes.

The 2005 Track System has gained a reputation as a market leader in manual operated tracks due to its superior quality, durability, and reliable performance. It has consistently met the needs and expectations of customers, plus being a sustainable product making it not only efficient

The 2005 Track System can be installed by both professionals and individuals with some DIY experience. However, if you’re unsure or prefer assistance, it is recommended to seek professional help for a proper installation. Contact us and we will be glad to refer you to one of our partners.

The 2005 Track System stands out not only for its functionality but also for its commitment to sustainability. It is crafted with sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, reducing its environmental impact. By choosing the 2005 Track System, you can enjoy its benefits while contributing to a greener future. Additionally, its status as the best-selling track in Ireland reflects its popularity and reliability among customers.

Circle or Circal© Curtain Tracks are designed and produced with the principles of the circular economy in mind. In a circular economy, the aim is to minimize waste, maximize resource efficiency, and promote the continuous use, reuse, and recycling of materials throughout their lifecycle.

List of Compatible Accessories

Complete Your Setup: Compatible Accessories for CWF 2500 CIRCAL© Curtain Track


Domestic, Contract


Curtain, picture hanging and shower curtain track

Minimum Width:

70 cm

Maximum Weight Capacity:


Control :

Hand drawn

Track width:

4 mm


1.0 -1.2 mm

Bend options:



11 cm radius

Cord Options:


Ceiling mount:


Wall mount:



Aluminium alloy 6060/T6


12 standard colours




600 cm


Maximum 14kg*

Ext. dimensions:

10.5 mm x 25 mm

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