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Discover a World of Possibilities

If it’s toughness and brightness you’re after, look no further,  Etna has 37 Colours to choose from in this Collection with the right material and colours for you.  Etna features Flat woven fabric with a lively appearance that derives from the contrast between its even structure and the brightness of colours.  Durable, easy-care material with a home-like aesthetic and suitable for use in demanding settings such as office environments.

A Great Selection of Colours

No matter what project you are working on, Our Bowie Collection Guarantees you will find a Colour that will Match best and Enhance your Project’s Look and Feeling

Inspired In Everything You Do

Ready To Give Your Design That Bright Look?

Buy Online Made To Measure Fabrics, Custom Sizes in any Measure Unit you Prefer!

Take a Look at our Interactive PDF

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We Have Over 450 Different Fabrics to Choose From

Etna Swatches

P1-X, F-X, F1-X, F6-X, F12-X, V-X, V4-X, Q1-X, G6-X, A4-X, S-X, R3-X, S2-X, D4-X, N3-X, N1-X, Y0-X, Y8-X, Y4-X, Y1-X, Y-X, M14-X, M9-X, M4-X, D3-X, I2-X, I1-X, I11-X, H14-X, E11-X, E1-X, V10-X, V0-X, E6-X, E7-X, E8-X, C2-X




2,9 m

Repeat vertical

0.0 x 0.0

Repeat horizontal

0.0 x 0.0


280 g/m2


72 acryl 28 PL

Number of colourways of Hanger


Roll Length




Light fastness



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