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Discover a World of Possibilities

Our Elegance Fabric Collection is a soft, luxurious fabric that can be used for different purposes.  It is characterized by a dense pile of evenly cut fibers that have a smooth nap. Velvet Made with beautiful drape and a unique soft and shiny appearance due to the characteristics of the short pile fibers.

A Great Selection of Colours

No matter what project you are working on, Our Ariel Collection Guarantees you will find a Colour that will Match best and Enhance your Project’s Look and Feeling

Inspired In Everything You Do

Ready To Give Your Design a Soft Touch?

Buy Online Made To Measure Fabrics, Custom Sizes in any Measure Unit you Prefer!

Take a Look at our Interactive PDF

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We Have Over 450 Different Fabrics to Choose From

Elegance Swatches

P-X, F0-X, P1-X, P4-X, P5-X, F-X, V-X, V2-X, V1-X, V3-X, E7-X, E6-X, E2-X, U12-X, M3-X, M13-X, R2-X, R3-X, R4-X, R11-X, G6-X, G4-X, G3-X, G1-X, O-X, O3-X, B-X, B11-X, Y7-X, O1-X, Y3-X, Y0-X, E5-X, V5-X, V7-X, D4-X, D3-X, K3-X, K1-X, K-X, M15-X, M16-X, M8-X, U6-X, U9-X, U10-X, U3-X, M1-X, U2-X, U-X, E4-X, E11-X, E-X, H1-X, H6-X, H12-X, T2-X, T-X, T1-X, T11-X, T10-X, B10-X, B3-X, N1-X, N2-X, I11-X, I3-X, H9-X, I1-X, Q1-X, Q-X, J3-X, F7-X, V4-X, Q2-X, Q3-X, C-X



1,4 m

Repeat vertical

0.0 x 0.0

Repeat horizontal

0.0 x 0.0


295 g/m2


100 PL

Number of colourways of Hanger


Roll Length




Light fastness



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