Elegant, hand drawn track with same appearance on both sides for room dividing. Ideal for heavy stage curtains, conference rooms, sports halls and very heavy domestic curtains. Effortless closing of curtains up to 40kg with smooth ball bearing roller gliders and heavy duty pulleys. Can be made up to 18m in length.If the curtain track is made with bends, the maximum weight limit will be halved.
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Applications : Contract
Control : Hand drawn
Cord options : Yes
Bend options : Yes
Ceiling mount : Yes
Wall mount : Yes (with modification)
Material : Aluminium
Colours : White
Accessories : Plastic/metal
Ext. dimensions : 23 mm x 32 mm
Length : Up to 1800 cm
Load : Maximum 40 kg*
Bending: 47 cm radius
Recommended glider: 490/610/100
Meeting Standard (unless specified):
• Split draw
• Ceiling fix bracket
• Wheel runner